Coronavirus Thread 4 #ssp

Just had to try to explain to my mum that the government allowing three families to meet for Christmas should not be the decisive factor in whether we do actually get together - and we should be thinking about the risks involved rather than the rules. But I guess it won’t be my decision. Fingers crossed they get their vaccine before it comes around.

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If it takes 28 days to be effective they would need it in the next week or so.

You can take additional precautions on the day - wearing a mask, opening windows and socially distancing as much as possible - to make it even safer. But I think isolating in advance (for those who can) is a pretty good way of negating social risks

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Do the right thing Boris

After the last few years of the general public polls being really against the correct decision. It has been quite nice during the pandemic to be on the side of the majority when it has come to these polls.


It’s not an either or is it. They’ll be lockdowns in January whatever

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I think they’ll be harder from the off if we go ahead with Xmas. We won’t have the data that quick so perhaps immediate restrictions from Jan

Would be interesting to know what proportion of respondents answered that way on the assumption they’d break any rules on Christmas Day anyway.


I’m fully expecting to be in tier 3 until Easter in Leeds.
The government just play the optics and say it’s science. Biggest transmission areas currently are supermarkets and schools and they’ll be open for ever


You’ll get some protection at the 10-14 day mark though

My other half was having a zoom with her sister and her parents earlier, and her mum said "so what are we doing about Christmas ", seemingly forgetting that they were in the group who had to shield for weeks on end earlier this year, and my other half’s sister and her partner are both teachers, so exposed to literally hundreds of other people every day. Thankfully on the other hand my mum has been much more sensible about things

So Southwark council came down hard on the Bermondsey Beer Mile yesterday which is fun

Oh, the takeaway thing? Or something else?

Yeah so basically they suddenly decided we all needed to be click and collect because it was mad busy yesterday, which has been steadily rising the past three Saturdays, which I understand why they reacted, but taking it out on us after we were told it was fine to operate as off-sales is pretty shitty when they could just… Help us police it?

Almost as if the local authorities have no idea how to police things. Dunno why?

We’ve had similar council related issues at our gaff. It’ll settle down again, just a massive WTF moment

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i’m looking forward to Christmas this year. as i’ve gotten older Christmas has lost some of its lustre and ends up being a bit of an anti-climax, but this year i have something to look forward to in that i get to go and stay with my family for a few days

i usually visit home regularly enough, maybe one weekend every 4 - 6 weeks or so on average, but i haven’t been back much this year at all obviously. maybe twice between January and March, then once in like June or July when things were starting to relax, and then a whole week at the start of August that i’m now quite glad i spent there. at that point i presumed i’d be popping home quite regularly from then onwards but waited until my nephew’s first communion was due in September - which then coincided with new restrictions coming in so i didn’t go and haven’t been back since.

during lockdown #1 i didn’t really miss it much, i was happy enough here on my own and happy enough to wait things out, not really missing much at home anyway, but now i think i’d quite like to be able to pop home for a few days of company and a change of scenery from these four walls. bit of a reset. looking forward to it.


70%, eh? Still a good result but I guess we’ve been spoilt by all these other 90% super duper vaccines.

Funny innit 70% a month ago and we’d all be bouncing off the walls celebrating. Still if it works for the majority and others can get the Pfizer or Moderna it’ll be good.

Weird this bit:

“Intriguingly, the effectiveness rose to 90% in a group of volunteers who were given an initial half dose, followed by a full dose. It’s not clear why there is a difference.”

Aye. I guess if there’s a bottleneck in distribution of the pfizer/Moderna vacccines but resources to vaccinate people we could give this to people in lower risk groups?

Which means the headline is misleading. If they’ve stumbled across a more effective dosing regime then it’s great news.