Coronavirus Thread 5 #ssp

Part 5, a continuation from:

As always, take care of yourselves and be kind to each other x

This thread is intended as a safe space for all regarding the current Corona outbreak. Please read the following for some guidance on how to approach it. A note on SSP and spoiler tag usage in these times

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For those of you struggling financially because you’re out of work, have extra demands on you or you don’t have your usual outlets for mental health available and you need to spend a little extra on home entertainment, please remember we also have the DiS Community Hardship Fund available. It’s there to be used in times like this, and yes, it does include you.

Finally, please look after yourselves as much as possible. We all want to be there for our loved ones around us, but we can’t help our family, friends and communities unless we’re in a fit state to do so.


Mmm, breathe it in, that new thread smell.



Anyway, on top of the positive case today, we’ve had another 4 self isolate from today. Can only assume they or their household have done something they shouldn’t over Christmas

Wait a sec, I can’t smell anything.


Sorry, this was tasteless.


have fun guys. the thread should be a free fire beeve zone.


Shut up and drink your Pfizer.

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genuinely considered trying to get my grandparents temporarily into a care home earlier today so they could get the vaccine more quickly lol. (they’re vaccinating care home residents first in spain)

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and when they’ve got it, and try to come back, turns out i’ve changed the locks to their apartment


Yeah right. “No, you’ve just got to stay another month so it seems legit. No don’t worry your house and bank accounts are fine”


I’ll repeat my complaint from the other thread. Everyone is Sweden is going fucking skiing for the holidays - numbers on the Swedish ski slopes haven’t dropped compared to this time last year.

It’s utterly bananas. Someone at my gf’s work is skiing at the moment - they said they ‘had to’ for their mental health because they’re stressed. :weary:


All this right wing bullshit about personal choice, writing off people with pre-existing conditions and saving businesses has utterly done me today. Its not a fucking coincidence that the societies with the best performing economies and most personal freedom are the ones that protected their citizens health best.



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Ahh new thread, same shite. Lovely now I have a daily weekday complaint of the amount of people being out and about in Manchester. Walking down Cross Street is becoming a daily struggle not to shout at people and people not wearing masks properly on the bus. Take me back to June. Still Tier 4 soon.

just read that a vlogger/influencer I met years ago has been put into an induced coma and had to give birth to her child prematurely. Fucking hell. She’s younger than me I think.

Eugenics at its finest


Yeah my wife told me about this last night. Insanely sad

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Thanks Colin :slight_smile:
Best mod. Actually gets stuff done. The rest of us just laze about in the staffroom smoking cigarettes and bitching about you lot.

On a personal note, my Nanna is still putting up a fight about having the vaccine. She hasn’t even had a letter yet ffs. Just have it so I can give you a hug, you idiot.


bit like the parliament bars. 20 silk cut for 3 quid, pints for a quid. all paid for via our membership fees.