Coronavirus Thread 5 #ssp

The Sir Kier Starmer story


My mum has just finished training on how to operate the lateral flow machine to do these tests in her school, so I assume that’s all wasted effort and time. Lovely stuff.

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It’s just dawned on me now quite how stupid that video is

Our 15 year old neighbour just tested positive.
He’s in a pretty bad way apparently with a hellish cough and flu like symptoms.

Stupidly fucking cool you mean




Absolutely fuck these companies even attempting this challenge but that’s such good news.

Thought this had already been dealt with, including the appeal. The insurers had to take it the whole way because it was a test case but, the initial judgement was pretty solid to begin with it.

Why do all these ultra-rich people suddenly decide they are immortal? The tech bros are all bio-hacking themselves because they believe they can cheat death, and this lot think it would actually be fun to live in a bunker forever when the surface of the earth is a nuclear wasteland.

Hugely solipsistic. Would love to see how they react when the ravenous hordes block the air vents to their bunkers.

Death is an admittance that life at the top is ultimately futile and hoarding of wealth is a pointless endeavour. None of them want to face up to that so they’re endlessly in denial.


pretty sure anybody in NZ will shit down the chimney of Trump’s bunker when the time comes

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FFS, I assumed when this was rolled out that there’d been some calculation done that suggested that the reduced accuracy was offset somewhat by the increased frequency. Although thinking about it maybe that is the case and this venture could be saved by making it explicitly clear that testing negative =/= definitely not infected and reinforcing that?

It would such a shame if this was mothballed given the amount of work that’s gone into setting it up. I’ve been tested twice at my school this week, seems to be working pretty efficiently albeit with a tenth of the students in.

All travel corridors to close from 0400 Monday.

Means ALL arrivals must have proof of negative test in previous 72 hours. And must go immediately into 10 day isolation on arrival, unless you test negative after 5 days.

Not like this is a bit late or anything.


We still had travel corridors?


Covid has promised not to travel over the weekend.


The great gammon wish came true!

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