Coronavirus Thread 5 #ssp

She’s 30. I read about this too as I followed her for a while.
She seems so lovely and so happy with how her future is planning out with the baby so I’m really hoping she pulls through. It’s made me so sad today.

Exactly like that! When it comes to making big decisions, we’re all so hammered that we have the latest sign up to make them for us.

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Only I gave up smoking three months ago

ngl still well chuffed with myself


niiiiiice, well done

i’ve actually really really cut down to a max of 5 a day during the same period (replaced with a vape). hoping to go full vape in the new year.

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Exactly! Titly smokes other things!

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So, thread number 5, who would’ve thought it


Send me her number


Couple of cousins have tested poz. While I sympathise, I know they’ve been visiting loads of friends, family (not us), etc and their line is “well the government only said to do XYZ or if you’re blah blah it’s ok” and I dunno whether I’m astounded at how naive or incapable of personal responsibility they are if they’re feeling ill “But Boris says it’s okay” to visit others, or if my anger is towards how wishy-washy the message is.


And yet you lot all voted us in.


I do not!!!

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Anyone seen any irresponsible car parking lately?


Our county is on lockdown again and the entire state is running out of icu space, so my boss decided it was essential to fly across the country for christmas.

:smiley: I actually used you as an example on xmas day when I last saw her
“I have a very good friend who works in this area, outrageously clever, she has promised it’s safe and I trust her completely.”
“Where is she from?”
“… weird question. Scotland, why?”
“Well I’m not having that.”
“You’re scottish too, you idiot.”


NHS Twitter is just indescribably scary and grim and scary these last few days.

Can cut the first word of that tbf


And the last 4.


Comparing no pre existing condition death stats with road traffic fatalities. Like even disregarding the main issue, they’re both fucking preventable deaths. Tories only survive by continual blood sacrifice it seems.

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I love that being Scottish is a reason to discredit me :smiley:

  • good idea
  • :grimacing:
  • on the fence

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What would be the purpose? Would it not be more appropriate to create a registry of people who have had it? (Which I presume is being done anyway)