Coronavirus Thread 5 #ssp

Well that’s my brief glimmer of hope most likely extinguished. Had entered 2 bike races in Argyll on 15/16 May, then was dreaming of going on holiday to Skye or similar for the week afterward. Probably still won’t be allowed to leave our local authorities by then (possibly that week if we enter Tier 3 on 26th April then Tier 2 three weeks later). Always knew there was a chance the races wouldn’t be going ahead, so it’s not really a surprise (and I might be proved wrong) but still. So, so fucking sick of it all now.



I stand by it :woman_shrugging:

Olympics this year:

  • Go ahead with crowds
  • Go ahead with no crowds
  • No chance mate
  • I don’t give a flying fuck about your olympics

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Thinking about my sport, hockey, the teams should almost be in final prep mode at the moment. I don’t think the GB team has even been able to train for months. Whilst it’s very unfair on the athletes to cancel, it’s also really unfair of them to perform at their peak with so little preparation. The Olympics should be the pinnacle of sport and if it can my be done properly it probably shouldn’t at all.


We really should have sent every vaccine available to Japan, shouldn’t we

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Having said that, the U.K. is taking about sport with crowds come the summer so it’s not unfeasible. Vaccine passports for sure though.

CW: dark joke

“sorry you had to die a preventable death, gran, but a lot of people really wanted to watch the modern pentathlon, so, y’know”


not saying they should, mind, just a prediction of what will happen.

Big Modern Pentathlon wouldn’t let them cancel it imo.

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Up there as the most posh people sport so this wouldn’t surprise me.

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Should just do a Moderna Pentathlon. Problem solved


When we had our 4 month mega-lockdown in Victoria, all the reopening was based around data targets. The ‘Step 2.5’ was basically extra loosening because of targets being exceeded. Just having arbitrary dates without data seems like madness!

This is the reaction I’ve gotten when explaining UK decisions to non-UK people for the last year. I thought my Chinese colleague’s head was going to explode when I described Eat Out to Help Out.

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Funnily enough news papers are already suggesting that the ‘no earlier than’ dates could be broken if vaccine targets are exceeded… whats the point of saying no earlier than then!

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No, Earlier than!


No? Earlier then?

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Is anyone else feeling really… creaky at the moment? Sitting at home working all day then just sitting at home to watch Netflix in the evening, not sleeping, etc really seems to be making my body seize up.

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Can you see it yet?


I’m so out of shape because of all this. Haven’t had the chance to exercise because of various factors, and our kid started back in school on Monday. Even just walking to and from school is crushing me at the moment. I’m really happy to be doing it, but it makes me so sweaty.

I was fine until beginning of January excerise wise. This lockdown I have really done naff all excerise until last sunday when I ran round the garden playing football with the kid, I was sweating profusely within 2 minutes. Need to get back on some training regiment.

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Same here. I’ve turned into a blob since Christmas. Jimbo’s school is up a hill, so that’s a good way of getting a little bit of exercise. I’m tempted to start going out for a bike ride over the downs at lunchtimes when he’s back in two weeks (let’s wait and see if those are hollow words)

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