Coronavirus Thread pt 2 #ssp

A continuation from Coronavirus Thread #ssp

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So Coronavirus, eh?


Hope this is OK for the thread.

When are we going on lockdown?

  • Within 3 days
  • Within a week
  • Within 10 days
  • Within a fortnight

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Great post CZ(UK)


The UK is entirely optional as far as I’m concerned. (Someone on Yahoo Groups already had the name ColinZeal back in 99 or whenever I first signed up)


Yep, really good

If it’s not within three days god help us all


The fact that Johnson laughed at the idea of using the police to enforce it on Saturday suggests to me that they’re going to keep trying to nudge rather than enforce for a while yet :frowning:


Lockdown has to be within the next two days. It has to be. People are failing themselves when they’re not taking it too seriously.

Spoilered for tiggering: about government failures.

I feel like that idea a few weeks back about the stricter measures being in place for too long would lead to us flouting them after fatigue set in has been completely undone by the fact that they’ve taken far too long to enact lockdown procedures, and the damage that would have been caused by the longer period of lockdown has now been done by us not locking down sooner. If that makes sense.


Through the looking glass now - Piers Morgan doing a better job here than the BBC.


My guess is the government will hold off on a full lockdown for as long as they can, because they see it as a card to play for when the numbers get worse, to show that they’re escalating in line with the pandemic and not overreacting? Tough to say. Clearly moving too fast for them to keep up.

Another weekend of people flouting the rules will look extremely bad (especially as the numbers are set to rocket), and by the middle of next week we’ll surely have the lockdown. I wonder who will still be allowed to travel? Delivery drivers? Deliveroo? If anyone’s familiar with Death Stranding - this is remarkably familiar…

these slugs are already trying to seed in the narrative of it all being a big unfortunate misunderstanding

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Warped pathetic libertarian ideology and corporatist cost cutting is their approach to literally all things they can’t suddenly pretend that it’s different for coronavirus. Worryingly I think Brexit is more important to most people.


Is there a chance they’ll just lock down London?

I really hope not, but their record suggests they’re stupid enough to try.


i think that if they did they it’d fuck the rest of england, tbh - remember, that’s what happened in Lombardy, folk just fled to the rest of the country.


Need to go to a shop to get dog food and ideally some human food. Guess it makes sense to go over lunch rather than after work? Wish me luck :grimacing:

is there evidence that shows London has a particularly high infection rate?

The mayor of Bergamo has brought his daughters back from their UK studies based on how ridiculously poor he feels the UK govt are handling this.



After Lega Nord leaked it so they didn’t have chance to implement the planned lockdown.

My local beer shop was closing down tomorrow, but they’ve now closed immediately as one of their contacts has it.

Glad they are being sensible.

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