Coronavirus Thread pt 2 #ssp

apparently that story of an Italian priest giving up his ventilator was fake.

oh well.

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I should point out I don’t think it’s a bad thing we are being asked this, just that I’m not sure what to do about it

I feel like when the weather turns to shit the novelty fun factor of the wfh thing will cease and it’ll be a different kettle of fish.


See also: everyone suddenly being a massive fan of going for a walk.

talking about going for a walk surely?

Can’t believe* what’s coming out of the USA, every day it gets more unfathomably horrific

*obviously can believe it because it was inevitable but omg it’s a hellscape


Assuming these claps become a regular thing, i might dress in full football kit tonight and run down the street waving to rapturous applause before doing some keepy-uppies, holding a scarf above my head and telling everyone how i’m happy to have signed for such a big street.


The backlash on local FB has started already, naming and shaming the streets/houses that didn’t participate…

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Woke up with a dry hacking cough mates. See, a few weeks ago when I was telt to isolate my symptoms were super super mild, and everyone else seems to suggest they’ve had it much much worse. Now I’m worried I’ve got it again / for the first time.

This is a huge flaw in the testing approach here. I’ve ekept myself isolated because I don’t have to go out but it’s disconcerting to feel suddenly tired and coughing. Especially when my kids and wife are super at risk, and I’ve probably infected them again.

Urgh. I am so stressed out.


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It’s worse than that here - everyone suggesting we have a big street party at the end of this.

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We’ve had that suggestion too - there’s a huge part of me that’s like, “No, there are so many benefits to social distancing outside of the current crisis (i.e. don’t force me to hang out with you)” but also I’m a whimsical idiot who generally ends up enjoying things and I think it would be pretty cool to see some mass jubilation. Idk. No fascistic naming or shaming though, that’s just stupid.

good lord no. I like my solidarity with zero eye contact and at a distance of >= 2m apart.


The first reports of deaths in Palestine came out yesterday. When it hits the Gaza Strip it could be catastrophic. Hopefully the weather affects the spread of it there.

Oh mate :frowning:

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Wtf. Some of those people might have symptoms and be properly self-isolating or feeling too ill to get up. Some might have children they are trying to get to bed. Some might be scared of leaving the house. Some might be disabled. Some people just might not want to do it and that is absolutely fine too.


Yeah, absolutely. It’s that ‘Where’s Your F@ing Poppy!?’ attitude coming out again.


I’m very glad Richard Horton was on Question Time last night


Starting to spread pretty quickly through Sub-Saharan Africa as well.

In UG they’ve banned any form of public transport (which is pretty much exclusively taxi vans and motorbikes) which means an already extremely densely populated city is even more rammed as there’s been no “stay at home” messaging so far. Could get really ugly.