Coronavirus Thread pt 2 #ssp

Yeah so many people who live in London are from other parts of the country and will go back home to their parents’ houses if separate measures are brought in


Its got half the cases, and is being used as the poster boy for everyone being a fuckwit and ignoring all the advice, so can see it being done - albeit would be a massive mistake as everyone would just leave and spread it further.

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i’m currently conducting an ongoing experiment going to the supermarket at different times of day to see what the best combination of stuff actually being there to buy / lack of other people might be

so far: results inconclusive


A decent proportion of Londoners already did it on Weds/Thurs last week after a London lockdown was briefed to Peston (I think? Might have been Sky?) overnight on Tuesday.



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cw (dark humour)

Just been thinking, a lockdown would instantaneously make my job a hell of a lot easier.

can you not get delivery for dog food? zooplus is saying 8 days. I know not great but worth doing now for medium term planning?

Absolutely thrilled it’s tree pollen season and I have a sore throat and tickly cough as a result. THANKS TREES YOU LEAFY PRICKS.


prison warden are you? (cw joke)


As noted before one of the serious problems we have is the way news is generally deseminated in this country - leaking it via comfy journalist links to test the waters before officially announcing it. Alright for political gossip, extremely bad for attempting quarantine measures.


I went late afternoon yesterday and the crowds had gone. Got most of what I wanted.

Now just need the two Top Trumps, toilet roll and pasta.

have definitely noticed it getting quieter. hopefully it’s now settling back down to normal.

i’ve not been buying very much at a time, which means i need to go more frequently. that probably isn’t a good idea eh

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I went primarily as an excuse to get out the flat. Will try to only issue out when I’m forced to.

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I suffer from asthma during hayfever season. FFS.

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Kuenssberg is still doing it this morning ffs

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Your results will be skewed from today. There is a lot more (fresh) food in the shops now. Meat fish and poultry will be lacking, but most other areas are looking full. My shop is noticeably quieter than the back end of last week as well, as was the Sainos across the road earlier


I’ll be out before then (thought I had another bag), but will do so for next time.

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I’m sure its been covered, but a little shout out to smaller retailers, newsagents, corner shops etc. They have way more than you would imagine, and the majority of the bellended behaviour has been at your mega-Tescos/ASDAs etc.


Staying at my aunts and stocking up my family as my siblings cant go out with my mum with them, gonna basically do a big shop with some gardening stuff, my mum will drive down as the only driver and I’ll shove it in the boot and have a chat from a distance before she goes home. Cant think of a better way to do it without another driver or delivery online :pensive: