Coronavirus Thread #ssp

For possible cases in Scotland.

Any one in the know on these things?




Hmmmm. This might be ill advised. 17 confirmed deaths…

Actually I’m not gonna be a dick about this.

Remember swine flu though? My then-work let you two weeks off self-certified if you had it. I never got it, was pretty tempted to just claim I had it for that sweet time off, but was too scared of what would happen if I then actually got it.

Yeah, scary stuff. The 4 in Scotland all travelled from Wuhan and have respiratory problems. Seems too much to be a coincidence, but who knows.
A mutated influenza a la the Spanish flu has been a worry since forever. Let’s hope this one isn’t the real deal.

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Genuinely quite frightened about this.
Apparently two police stations in Bristol have been quarantined.

Edit: I am a worrying Wendy though so probs ignore me

Might finally be time for them to take the Ebola advice poster down at work and stick something more topical up.

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Just for posterity

  • This won’t be as bad as media hysterica suggests
  • End of days
  • Somewhere in between
  • Don’t wanna vote

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For FUCK sake

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Think it got @Scott_Chegg halfway through building this poll


I mean you say blow over, granted it wasn’t an epidemic of mass proportions but…people still died from SARS

didn’t know this was a thing, one more thing to worry about I guess :frowning:

You know what I meant. I’m not making light of that.


don’t millions of people die from tb all the time, reckon people just want to talk about the hot new disease cause its cooler


Feel like there’s a specific brand of Orientalist narrative about China being some special outbreak region


oh yeah I answered the poll originally before it broke, I was more trying to put my own response into context.

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I broke it by trying to add more options. Been on this site so long and still never get that right

Also “media hysterica”? FFS, me

Loads of people in the office saying “Why always China? What is it about China?”. Tried explaining that China has a sixth of the world’s population, so there’s a pretty high chance of it being China based on pure numbers. They seemed to prefer thinking there must be something about China.


Combining it with as tricklenipple said people dying of all sorts everywhere, it’s definitely a thing to view China in a light that it’s physically sick / the way they run their country is unnatural and prone to natural disaster or something


Same with malaria, it killed far more people than the Ebola outbreak did in 2014