Coronavirus Thread #ssp

All middle aged women

The one positive of this (and it’s very, very small beer in the context of everything) is that he’ll be having an absolutely fucking miserable time of it and hating every second.

The state of lap 1 there!

I love how so many people wiped out first turn :smiley:

With the official F1 commentary and production team covering it, so good!

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Big fan of Herbert deciding to cut from the pit lane across to Turn 3 as well.

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Saw this on Twitter, The Times going in hard on Johnson. Gives me some hope that there might be long-term repercussions for him if this is the response from Pravdaesque publications already.

Extremely weird for Piers Morgan to be the first media figure I’ve seen to actually ask the right questions and hold those in power to account


‘We think Lando Norris, who is sixth, is actually being controlled by AI’
Jump cut
No Lando Norris definatly at the wheel, sorry about that’


I’ve seen a few things that suggest we might enter a cycle of restrictions being lifted slightly when cases decline significantly, only for them to be brought back in when(/if) the number rises again due to people going back to more normal behaviour. So going back to how things were could potentially be a while away and like you say, unlikely to be an instant change.

This is more of a general point rather than a reply to you but this whole thing about ‘confirmed cases’ is a load of bollocks isn’t it? Hardly anyone is getting tested so I don’t understand how the government has any idea on numbers at any given time, apart from using projections based on other countries. Although the UK isn’t following the same measures as other countries so not sure if this is in anyway accurate.

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Yeah. Confirmed cases in my eyes may as well be hospital admissions and important public figures as far as I’m concerned.

Like last week the government out right threw an estimate of 100,000 people having it

So the 5,000 number the press keeps on pointing at? Nothing but a hindereance as far as I’m concerned for govt messaging

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Morgan is actually a good journalist when he puts his mind to it - he shows flashes like this every now and again. Trouble is around 95% of the time he’s more interested in perpetuating the character of Piers Morgan than being a journalist.


Think it might be partly down to the fact that the daily press conferences are no good for forensic questioning - someone from Sky asked pretty searching questions yesterday, but Johnson just ignored them.

Obviously the BBC’s been awful, but beeb gonna beeb.

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Basically come to terms that I am probably not leaving the UK this year, which is obviously very small fry in the grand scheme of things but still weird.


Yeah, We’ve got a trip to Canada booked for the Autumn, but I’m fully expecting it won’t happen - whether it’s our choice or because we’re forced into it.

If I get to spend a couple of weeks in the Summer walking round my local park I will be thrilled tbh.

Honestly don’t think Summer 2021 is going to be realistic for all these events to be back on.

Loads of rumours flying around that the netherlands will be the next country to implement France/Spain/italy-style police-enforced lockdown measures tonight after selfish bastards spent the weekend out having picnics/playing football in parks etc. Saw some of this first hand as me and the TV went for a 30-minute walk (keeping 2 metres between me and everyone else as much as possible) each day, and saw people who were clearly hunkered down for the day - speakers, drinks, food etc.

Give that the UK seems to be running 5-7 days behind us (and we’re 2 weeks or so behind Southern Europe respectively), I reckon you can all look forward to the same shortly.

Very much struggling to come to terms with the idea that I won’t see any of my family this year (parents: UK, brother: USA, due a baby in June), nor quite possibly some of my best friends. Finding it really, really tough tbh.


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