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There is no “I” in TEAM (or Clare)


When I worked at a school so many kids had very unique spellings for ordinary names, must be a trend (I hated it, it made my admin job harder)


all gaelic spellings are correct


my cousin decided to use an ‘unconventional’ spelling for her wee boy’s name. i hate it so much.

  • Eoghan
  • Eoin
  • Owen
  • Owain
  • Iwan
  • Ewan

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these are not the same names


is any name the same if it’s spelt differently?


like when people say “oh your name means this”. mate don’t tell me what my name means! It’s just a dumb name my parents gave me.


Stares wistfully at the horizon


Some names have the same roots/are cognates in different languages

Eoin/Eòin and Eoghan/Eòghan are derived from different roots. Eoghan has a Celtic derivation (possibly yew tree ) whereas Eoin is derived from Latin Ioannes.

[ Eógan ] The name corresponds to the Welsh Owain , often spelt Owen in English;[1][3] as well to Ewen, Ewan and Euan.


yeah, that’s true and I get that but it feels like a weird distinction to me in a way.


not really a distinction

these are just not the same names with different spellings

they are different spellings because they are different names


strange that you end up with one name with such power and identity to it when it’s just something your parents thought up in an idle moment


do you think anyone has ever changed their name to a melodic phrase?

I would like that.


Never knew that, so they all have the same root/correspond to each other except for Eoin?


according to wikipedia