Correcting people's grammatical mistakes and incorrect pronunciations

Do you find yourself suppressing the urge to correct people when the opportunity arises or, on the whole, do you not give a shit?

When it comes to friends and family I’m used to their lack of grammatical awareness and idiosyncratic pronunciations, but when it comes to a professional setting I find it hard to resist the urge to say something. In my office my assistant manager recently pronounced ‘clique’ as ‘click’ and I gave him the wtf face but didn’t correct him, worried that I would be the one that came across as a twat. And my manager recently circulated an email round the office that started, ‘Please bare in mind…’

So yeah, on the whole, I do resist the urge to correct people out of a awareness of me coming across as a pedantic twat and not wanting to upset people, but I just end up thinking less of them.

How do you deal with these grammatical and pronunciation faux pas in other people?

I just ignore them these days.

Feeling quite pleased I don’t know you tbh


Even giving a wtf face is unprofessional, superior and twatty. Just ignore it unless it’s contained in a written communication going out in your name or the company’s name, in which case you deal with it appropriately and not by pulling a “wtf” face. That is IMO worse than saying something.


Moonwalk’s out of the room


Btw if ever I saw a deliberately goady thread, this is it. Wish I’d ignored you tbh. :rofl:


Some people pronounce clique a click though.

yeah I thought this was a fairly common pronunciation


I used to do it, when I was at school, but wouldn’t now.

Got to have standards.

If it was given to someone else’s face I completely agree with you.

As my back was turned to him, was giving it to my computer screen.

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Errors do rankle with me but they’re mostly not worth the hassle of correcting. The exceptions for me are with my 13yo who I will occasionally correct; he’s still learning correct grammar so I think that’s fine. The other is at work when I have to approve ads for newspapers, magazines etc. Our marketing managers should know better and I’m happy to educate them.

My boss pronounces the a in cache as a hard A. Why.


Did this loads as a youth but barely ever now unless someone is struggling to pronounce/spell something, has asked for proofreading, or it’s at a tournament (they don’t get points for misspelling a word).

I only really get judgey about it on guys’ dating profiles, but that’s not something I like about myself.

I think less of people for being unkind or rude, for bad personality traits. Couldn’t care less if someone doesn’t pronounce/spell things correctly and doesn’t have a strong grasp of grammar.


Do you moonwalk everywhere?


Such a pacific joke - im lovin it.

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Only in the office when sitting down, facing my computer.

Anyone who mispronounces a word or makes a grammatical error is utter, irredeemable, subhuman scum