Correcting people's grammatical mistakes and incorrect pronunciations

don’t like it on social media where people try and dismiss stuff by dunking on the spelling / grammar. david simon does this a lot


Not that fussed about how somebody pronounces words.

But always give a perplexed or world-weary look when somebody says “leverage” when they mean “use”.

Think there’s a difference between that horrible unnecessary business jargon and grammatical errors. The latter is fine, the former can get right in the bin


You’re psychoanalysing me. The fuck. Seriously.

Look, as I’ve stated, it bothers me but not to extend that I would go out of my way to correct people. It’s no big deal.

Man. Some of you people.

Couldn’t give a shit about spelling or grammar, as long as you can understand what someone is saying. And hate when people prattle on about it as if its a big deal.

Except when people write or say expresso, obviously.

Why does it bother you?

If it doesn’t bother you, I’ll start psychoanalysing you then.

This is terribly ableist, tbh.
One of my close friends (who also happens to be one of the most wonderful people I know) has dyslexia.
I’ve been helping her study for her PGCE English exams recently, she really struggles with all this stuff. But she’s funny and warm and loving and generous and I couldn’t give the flyingest fuck that she makes spelling errors.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

sigh Fine. Go ahead.

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I’ve corrected grammar and pronunciation, but only for people improving their English and because they asked me to.

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Yeah. Does he not notice everyone else pronouncing it differently and wonder why he’s the exception? Idiot.

Have you ever googled a word to see how it is pronounced?

  • Yes
  • No

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I meant hear not see.

Really angry with “Who’s ate all the toffees?” on the Renault sky sports football sponsorship ads at the moment.

Used to do this because it made me feel smug and superior. Now I don’t and I still feel fine.

My life had been one long running joke because I pronounce ‘th’ as ‘f’.

I’m my experience, the only people who ever got wound up about it are all confirmed tories with a weird view of English-ness. Plus a few labour supporters most likely to go tory once they have some money.

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yeah and then i go home and own the libs online with my Logic while smashing brainforce plus capsules and reading socrates on wikiquote

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I work with a lot of people for whom English isn’t a first language and they actively encourage people to correct them :man_shrugging: