Has anyone been? The entirety of my knowledge is largely reading Asterix In Corsica when I was a kid, but been looking at it for a Spring/Autumn destination.

Looks very rugged. Also potentially a bit…blood feudy?

Went years and years ago. Was pricey then. Imagine it still is. Great hiking in the central mountains and beautiful coastline.

saw this thread title and thought “haha, I’m going to be dead funny and come in and post the cover of Asterix In Corsica”

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Pricey to get there or pricey to stay? Or both?

Pricey to stay. IIRC its where a lot of rich French people go on holiday. Not sure about flight prices.

The idea actually came to me when we drove down to The Alps earlier this year, at which point I thought, “Well if we can drive THIS far, maybe we could carry on to the coast and get the boat to Corsica?”

Maybe a bit TOO much driving tbh tbf…

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Feels like the Simpsons “say the word” meme now

M9, I am disappoint…