Cos Brentdan Is Anywhere: The Weekly Football Thread


Wenger gone at the end of the season then.


Source please?



No reports in the media yet. Well done sir


Don’t care about Arsenal, but always liked Arsene, hope he can leave with a trophy.


Only one man for the job, frankly.

I hope the Arsenal store does a fine gilet


Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss to leave club at end of season -


He could stuff the FA Cup up his jumper.




So who will replace him?


Probably the Arsenal board, mate.


Ancelotti is Still favourite, then Tuchel, then Vieira. Might put a few quid on the latter.




Should have left last season tbh. Hope he wins the Europa, then.


Should have left after that FA Cup win against Hull, Klopp was available then, it all made perfect sense.


should’ve left 15 seasons ago


should’ve left before he was born


You can say what you want about Wenger but for me the best any English team has ever played was under him.


It makes sense to announce it a bit before the end of the season I guess and give him a bit of a farewell tour, but it should have happened a long time ago.


Been saying all season he was gone for sure at the end of this one. Just check my posts. It’s all there. Had such a whiff of that season Fergie said he was leaving and everyone couldn’t be bothered, except from even more mediocre