Cos Brentdan Is Anywhere: The Weekly Football Thread

Also, now he has won all of the major trophies this season, this man will surely now fancy taking his young son and proving the couldn’t-do-it-at-a-Burnley-or-Arsenal-sayers wrong

Weirdly timed announcement btw isn’t it. No solid rumours, no pre-emptive scoops, no pre-made social media tributes or anything.

Shadow Minister for Sport

Wenger could be the anti-Seb Coe

That digital, media & culture bundle needs re-partitioning anyway

Give him 500 million over three or four windows and he’d be guaranteed to lift the title there


Probably a work experience kid on the wind-up

just realised how happy piers morgan probably is and now I feel a bit sick, please don’t go arsene


Gunnersaurus in charge of transfer dealings this summer before they appoint someone post-WC


He would indeed have to adapt to Arsenal’s infamously impecunious circumstances, but if you can’t place faith in BCC who can you

He’ll win their next league game and then change his mind

Timing seems a bit cynical in the sense that there would have been 20,000 empty seats for a European semi-final. At least it means the fans might embrace that game now.

He’s been treated pretty shoddily, i think. The abuse has been OTT, personal and constant, and he probably deserved better. Those falling over themselves now to pay respects have belittled and insulted the man for years. I think history may remember his latter years more fondly. Three FA Cups in four seasons is an achievement only modern armchair football fans would turn their noses up at.

At the same time he should have known when to leave. If you look at the great managers, they almost all went at the right time. Ferguson sensed where the game was going and realised he might not be able to compete with the growing agent power and overseas billions, Shankly arguably went too early, Paisley bowed out on back-to-back titles, admittedly on health grounds. Busby went a year after a European Cup. Busby and Shankly struggled to completely cut their ties and hung on a bit behind the scenes, but it’s only really Clough who had to be shooed out of the door, and that was mainly as a result of the drink.

Allegri, Luis Enrique, Benitez, Löw or as an outside bet Montella would all be a good fit, imho, probably with Arteta as assistant and longterm replacement. Also, as much as he’s a bit of a bellend, Brentdan isn’t an absolutely batshit suggestion.


arsene addressing the crowd after the last home game of the season


Not sure how we’re going to survive without Howe tbh

Yeah just feel pretty sombre and sad about this.

On the other hand, really massively excited about what happens next. Feel like Arsenal might be interesting and unpredictable for the first time in about five years



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I would be fucking giddy with Brentdan taking over


It’s going to be dead weird, feels like the bar for what constitutes success is going to need to be reevaluated for quite a few clubs going forward. Six into four won’t go in terms of CL spots and City are so far ahead of the chasing pack that it’s not difficult to anticipate them being pretty unchallenged for the title for a while.

Might see the domestic trophies gaining a bit more prominence and the Europa League being taken seriously from the early stages by the 5th/6th clubs.

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Maybe with reason. I think a top six club under Rodgers with a season under his belt and a bit of money to spend would have finished at least third in this league this season, but i appreciate the ifs and buts involved in this hypothetical point are considerable. I think he’s a figure of fun just like you do, but as a coach i’ve just got a nagging feeling he’d hold his own against some of this current crop.

The rapid turnover of managers and players probably means we’re guaranteed one of the six to be in crisis in any given season. Arsenal, Chelsea and United have all been there recently, next season will be Pochettino’s last at Spurs and they’ve potentially got a tricky summer ahead in terms of transfers, and more longterm it will be interesting to see how City and Liverpool fare post-Guardiola and Klopp. Maybe the new stadiums at Chelsea and Spurs will be big factors in terms of effect on budgets.

Also, the clubs will probably force a fifth CL place anyway before too long.

Aye, I feel like this is fairly inevitable isn’t it.

CLEVER WENGER clap clap clap clap

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