cosmetic enhancements - botox, implants (iSSP) discussion

(iSSP is a thread that’s meant to be an SSP, as in respect folk, but it’s not that serious, if that makes sense. the i stands for who knows)

something that i’ve noticed going to the school pick up and drop off is that there is a section of middle class people, and for my school it’s mostly white, that have had “work” done - lip fillers, eye injections, lifts and stuff.

surprising me, i know of a lot of men who have had work done as well, and even have as regular an appointment for that as they do for a hair cut.

is this something that i’ve just missed out on, being with a less fem NB partner, or is this an exception? i am not judging anyone for doing it, but it just seems like it, to me, as appeared out of no where.

i know i’m the “un-noticer”, as confirmed by @1101010 many times, so i was wondering if this is a trend that’s wide spread and not a middleclass scottish isolated thing?

Yeah there’s been a lot of media recently about the rise in younger people having treatments like Botox

Mrs HYG has said she might try it but hasn’t yet.

Wouldn’t consider it myself. Have thought about hair treatment but hasn’t come to it yet. Know someone who went to Turkey for the the works and it looks pretty good. Probably won’t ever be arsed though.

I think the accessibility to things like botox and fillers have made them really common. I have family members and friends who’ve had various things done, and getting some lip fillers is just as normal as getting a pedicure to them.

I’m not an expert at all and way out of my lane, but tend to see women with cosmetic enhancements and make up in a way that fits a certain standard look, almost comically in some cases, rather than trying to enhance their actual looks. Not sure if that makes sense

Well you’re noticing more than me because I haven’t even considered this is happening. I guess it might be but I wouldn’t have the first clue how to recognise the signs of this sort of thing :smiley:

Yeah this is a big thing. I’m incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that Love Island doesn’t seem to ever pick contestants who haven’t had lip fillers.

Don’t particularly have an issue with plastic surgery, I’d absolutely get lipo if I could, but I find it quite alarming that the normalisation of fillers is giving so many young women the same face? there are young people getting loads of shit pumped into their lips to the point where they look like they’ll burst - it looks horribly uncomfortable and the filler can migrate to other parts of your face :nauseated_face:

I’m looking forward to the ‘inflatable sex doll’ look no longer being a thing tbh.


tangent, but fits better here than anywhere else, hair related rambles


as part of the bald young, shaved head crew, I obviously think it’s a great thing if more men can accept they’re balding, get over it, and shave it off asap - gives you such a confidence boost and feels freeing

HOWEVER it does mean than there’s a whole generation of guys my age who start to look real real similar, especially with both glasses and beards being more popular than ever. I watch some older show and films (not even old per se, just 90s) and love to see the odd variety of hairstyles, combovers, thinning but still decent coverage etc - basically a classic “character actor” vibe. So it doesn’t affect me at all and the key thing is other people’s comfort but yeah, it feels a slight shame in a different way to me that so many men are looking more similar and we’re basically erasing a key way that guys have used to express their style before. Just triggered that thought process by you saying it’s giving some girls the same look


a friend badly wants veneers as one of the first things he’d do if he ever got money, and I just can’t get that at all. He has perfectly decent teeth and i think veneers just look so unnatural (well, duh lol) and attention grabbing. Can see them fitting an overall very tanned toned Hollywood look, but in the face of your common or garden Brit I think they’re a bit more out of place

but hey, as always - if it makes him happier then who am i to care either way


“A beautiful egg” :laughing:

It doesn’t seem very healthy as a society that everyone is unhappy with their appearance. And there’s no end to it, because almost as soon as someone has obtained a look they want, fashion will change and it’ll be a different look that’s in fashion.

No judgement to anyone who’s had anything done or wants to obvs


I’m a bit worried if I started I’d become a bit addicted. This is one of the reasons I haven’t bothered to start to dye my hair, once i start I won’t be able to stop.

Just going to embrace the scowl lines and witchy grey hairs as was intended. For now.

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I think part of the problem is the early-mid stages of balding looks rubbish. And weird on young faces (people just seem to age slower now). Basically I’m waiting for my hair to go a bit more down the middle and for a couple more wrinkles and then I’m going full Richard Schiff.

I’ve definitely posted this exact thing before.

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see you for this exchange again in 2027!

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one of my best friend’s mum went entirely grey by the time she was 30 i think

always looked so cool and striking to me - you need to hurry up and get to that stage!

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If my hair hasn’t sorted itself out and I’m not walking around like a crap Yorkshire Toby Ziegler talking quietly and then SUDDENLY REALLY LOUDLY by then I’ll be miffed

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Haha!!! I could choose to take this the wrong way, but I won’t :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I agree it is a very good look.

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Just looked up how much lip fillers are. 1ml in a place in Leeds is the same amount as my most expensive tattoo.

I dunno, if I could afford an Antonio Conte quality weave I’d have it done, no hesitation

My ex is almost entirely grey at 27 and it’s extremely attractive.


I think it looks crap when it’s really noticeable, but I’m now wondering if lots of people have it done and I just don’t notice it.

think fucking with the eyes or lips rarely looks good. Too risky it will look odd and artificial.
Maybe I will get botox. Have a big old stressed forehead with permanent scowl lines so maybe it is time to hide the true me and flatten that baby out.