Cosmetic Surgery

If money and technology was no object, would you get anything done?
Think I would like to get my whole head size reduced by about 20%. It’s too big for me.
Used to want a nose job when I was younger, but don’t really care about that anymore.
Maybe if it was for free though, give a new nose a whirl.
Think I’d want to/have to be sure what things were going to look like beforehand.
Don’t like the lottery aspect of it with things looking worse.
So, talk about it here, or don’t! Just a lighthearted thread though please!

Nope. Wouldn’t be worth it if something went wrong, and also I’m too late in life to really have any benefit from being better looking than I am.

More legs


Get my ears pinned back and me legs lengthened

Little bit taken off the ol’ peen as well while we’re at it


It’s impossible to improve on perfection, so not for me, thanks.


Why not get your body stretched to match your head?

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I’m 6’7”, we can’t go any taller! The other option is to become a ‘real big muscle man’ but that seems like a lot of effort.


maybe just make my nose a little less bulbous, not massively just like half a cm off the end

oh and curlier hair please

Not sure if this counts as ‘cosmetic’ but now I’ve had two kids I often think how much more comfortable I’d be if I got rid of my ballsack entirely. Just getting in the way now really.


I’d get hands like they have in Ghost in the Shell so I can rattle out emails faster


Make my nose less like a pointy beak
Head a little smaller
Less saggy around the boobs
Body hair reduction, 40% off maybe
Jowl removal
Possibly laser eye surgery can’t decide whether I’d look better without glasses.

I mean, I don’t really have a jawline to speak of but am afraid it would make me look like an action figure.

I’d like to be hairless like a Ken doll


More hair on head. Less hair on body please.


An extra arm, please

Fix my nose
New teeth

Would get my teeth done for sure.

Have semi-jokingly thought about doing the hair treatment that the celebs get once it recedes to that point. Mrs HYG’s colleague had it done and it looks dece.

Nose job, lipo/tuck, better teeth, get the horrid wart on the side of my nose - which randomly appeared one day - removed (I might get this done if the NHS is ever not on the brink)

Probably go on Roaccutane and get good skin forever even though I’ll look like a lizard for 6 months, and I’ll get all my leg, bikini line and armpit hair lasered off. I enjoy the ritual of shaving my legs but it does take time.

I might want a filler in my top lip but that feels like a slippery slope when you see people who look like ducks.

Less girthy penis.