Cosmo restaurants - wtf is this all about

I mean I’ve heard of a world buffet where you can get a bit of tikka massala on the side with your pizza and some donner meat for pudding, but this just seems a bit… scattergun?

That pizza looks absolutely awful.

don’t understand what the problem here is, mate.

Bet they know how to cook chorizo, though.


there should be a name for one of those laws where the more kinds of cuisine a restaurant serves, the shitter each of them will be

come to our pan asian thai-chinese-japanese restaurant!!! no thank u


Looks good

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Really fancy a cheese board now.

I don’t like all you can eat places.

did you ever go to Peter’s Palace in Woking before it tragically closed?

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I went to one last month for my nephews birthday. I was expecting it to be terrible but surprisingly it was alright.

Probably helped that I went with low expectations.

Not in London, obviously.

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Leeds one was shit, it’s already closed down

I did, because a former associate reckoned it was better than pangslodge in elstead, he was wrong

unfair to compare the two tbh.

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Went once when the Nottingham one opened and it was really nice. Went back two months later and was at the usual buffet level

Love these kind of places. THere’s a massive one in Bristol called Zaza Bazaar, had some of the best nights of my life in there.

That place looks like hell on earth.

This is exactly one of those world buffet places.


The main thing about them is - the dessert is always absolutely awful.