Cost Of Living; supermarket bargains…

Let’s get them documented - inspiration!
My week’s pittas - 44p - about 7p each.

Lidl do veggie/fruit boxes for 1.50 (stuff that’s been opened etc) and you get random stuff but its such good value! Usually have to get there early though. My last box had lots of potatoes and grapes and apples, some courgettes, a head of lettuce and 2 leeks. 1.50!!


Not that relevant but hate it when something is yellow stickered and is like 14p cheaper. Should have to be 20p/20% minimum or something.


Asda essentials are legit brilliant. 65p for apple juice

Morrissons are really bad with this. Yellow stickered for… 20-50p price difference? Nah mate, fuck off.