Costa drive through third degree burn victim



shall we have a fight about this then?

  • the girl spilled tea on herself
  • costa made their tea too hot
  • humorous third option which is largely unrelated to the above

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just great that part of the date was at a drive thru costa.


This thread title sounds like a Future Of The Left song.


“too hot”

tea is made using BOILING water jesus christ


Just a cup full of steam



I mean, how many years has it been since places were made to print “Warning: Contents May Be Hot” on things to protect themselves in case in lawsuits?

She reckons she’s spilt boiling water on herself before, but it wasn’t that bad. Well yeah, presumably you didn’t soak your clothes with near-boiling water and then sat with them pressed against your skin for any length of time.


Feel like the driver is partially culpable but it might just be due to sensationalist writing.


Worst band name ever


TBF the original case of this was made a joke of but was pretty serious and the poor woman was made relentless fun out of despite going through some really heinous injuries, especially in very sensitive areas.


First two options aren’t mutually exclusive, but coffee shouldn’t be served hot enough to do yourself injury


seems a bit harsh to run her over as well


just for the record, it was tea not coffee


The fuck are they going to a Costa Drive Through for a date?



same goes for tea too really.
1 - doesn’t need to be boiling
2 - actually makes the tea lose flavour if it is.


Mesmirising brows.


Yeah, feel sorry for her, but if it’s fresh tea of course it’s going to be fucking hot. It was accident, deal with it, don’t blame someone else.



I’m not sure how people are finding this funny? The burns look horrific and painful. I feel really sorry for her!

Take away teas are usually always way too hot. I know they’re boiling water but some times the temperature can be a lot more than what you’d get out of a kettle therefore dangerous to have in paper cups with flimsy plastic lids.


Dammit, came here to post this!