Cotton Buds

  • I know they shouldn’t be used for ears so I don’t use them
  • I know they shouldn’t be used for ears but I still use them
  • I didn’t realise they shouldn’t be used for ears so I’m going to stop using them
  • I didn’t realise they shouldn’t be used for ears but I’ve never used them anyway

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If they aren’t for ears, what are they for??

Cleaning a baby

Nothing else fits in there.

A tiny baby

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Yeah, they’re for cleaning tiny babies


Steel pals
Brick friends
Wooden enemies


I haven’t used them since i blocked my ears and had to get them syringed in March which was the last ‘thing’ i did before lockdown.

Now i just…don’t clean my ears apart from wiggling a finger in there a bit? I don’t notice any difference but maybe I have boulders of visible wax on my side profile, who knows?


Postponed to October 2021, original tickets still valid.


The whole ear-cleaning thing is minefield. I never realised that it’s acceptable to walk around with gunge in your tabholes, my mum always said we should keep our ears clean

what are they supposed to be used for then einstein

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This is now the Filth Thread


Or tiny gladiatorial battles

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The most glorious sensation. I fucking love it. Best when you have some wax build up but rarely let it get to that stage because I love it so much.


Wish I could say the same thing

  • Cotton buds
  • Q tips
  • Other

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Until creating this poll and googling it, I thought Americans called them cue tips

I like to pretend I’m a big boy giant playing a tiny pathetic human game of ITV’s Gladiators


Wiggling a cotton bud around in your ear is better than any sexytime feeling

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m a virgin so wouldn’t know

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Things I have done with a cotton bud

  • Cleaned ears
  • Shoved up own anus
  • Other

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I used to stress out my ears seemed dirtier than others, used to even get teased about it at school. Since I went to a clinic they told me just use a washcloth to clean out the opening, anything else will fall out naturally

now I just imagine globs of wax falling out in normal life and nobody caring

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