Could a robot do your job?

If so, what sort of robot would it be?

Would it have a robot head?

Would it talk. If so, what fictional robot would it sound like?

Would it also kill people as a sideline?

yes to all of them

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Think this guy has me covered, but on the downside a) he’s fictional and b) I’m assuming he can destroy office chairs, but I’ve seen no evidence.

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yes a robot could do my job, i believe it would be an algorithm however.

other jobs what you could automate: many creative ones imo

Haha no. Robot’s are logical, and would not be able to cope with the fiercely illogical world of rare books.



People have been saying for at least five years that legal professionals are all going to be replaced by AI but the stuff I do isn’t as boilerplate-heavy as e.g. standard agreements.

You could probably get 90% of the way towards getting an AI to draft US patent applications, but their system is a baffling anomaly that doesn’t concern itself with such trivia as “but what is the invention, actually?”

T-1000 could do any job comfortably I would imagine.

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^ exactly what a bot posting as epimer WOULD say

no u

they’d have to be pretty intelligenct


01000110 01001111 01001101

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This always makes me laugh. On the basis of the AI that I’ve seen your job is replaceable by an AI algorithm if and only if your job could also be done by a drunk puppy.


A roomba could do it.

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That Honda Asimo robot that fell off the stage. That could do my job


Would probably prefer it if a robot did my job tbh.

post/username interface


This. Absolutely nothing i’ve ever seen in any practical use of AI suggests it’s more capable than, say, a 50-year-old british man stumbling around China with a phrase book shouting at locals.

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Easily once all the other incoherent and fallible humans in the industry have also been replaced

I reckon a robot could do anything I do. But would it do them with the gusto and pazazz I do them with?


[bzzz] Pazzazbot Is Ready To Serve [whirrr]