Could a robot do your job?

don’t think so

A paperweight could do my job atm tbf.

same. given that my job is currently ‘nothing’, an inanimate object would actually be better at it than i am.


This has concerned me a bit. Bet it won’t be too long until there are a load of clumsy, overly enthusiastic, first prototype robots knocking about and then I’ll be absolutely snookered


they’re all currently clumsy but constantly ‘happy to help’. you’re doomed :o


if this is the future of robots i am absolutely in

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I think a Marckee mark 2 or Theo 100 would easily be able to do my job, @discobot maybe over qualified :wink:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hm. Probably not directly, but lots of big firms are outsourcing technical drawings to CAD farms in the far-east, which leaves the remnants an oversight role for fully qualified architects in Europe.

Technical drawings are increasingly a collage of manufacturer-prepared details, necessary to maintain their warranties, so I can kind of see that becoming automated.

A big part of my job is coordination and quality assurance (both internal and external), and I I think a lot of the external elements, especially those taking place on building sites, will become automated or shifted to off-site prefabrication. This would reduce the role of the architect.

imagine if the t1000 worked in costa and for a laugh it puts liquid metal in your coffee and you drink then for a laugh it makes itself solid in yr nips so you’re walking around with giant nips all day :hushed:


Oh, 100% same.
Which robot would you be? Reckon I’d be hedonismbot. Lazy

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Boxmaster 9000 reporting for duty.

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post on here all day?



Fairly sure a robot couldn’t do my job, given that I don’t have a daily set of tasks to do, and a lot of what I do is implementation of new systems and projects and stuff, and coming up with ideas as to how that would work.

This nuts and bolts chap is definitely more expressionate than me, would happily concede a job interview for them.


They’ve tried. A few times. Stats should in theory be really easy to do, but when you’ve got a load of lunatics running around asking for insane reports and details, logical and inflexible AI/ algorithms isn’t ideal.

If management weren’t mental, could be done tomorrow

Yes my job is really easy

The other contestants hugging her has done me

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No chance