Could a robot do your job?

Boxmaster 9000 reporting for duty.

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post on here all day?



Fairly sure a robot couldn’t do my job, given that I don’t have a daily set of tasks to do, and a lot of what I do is implementation of new systems and projects and stuff, and coming up with ideas as to how that would work.

This nuts and bolts chap is definitely more expressionate than me, would happily concede a job interview for them.


No chance

Photo of @kermitwormit bot in action: image

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so many bits of what i do are illogical

like pulling info from a database - the database has weird errors and inconsistencies cos it’s old. so it needs humans to correct everything. teaching AI about all the weird stupid shit that happens at every level of my job would take ages

Some of it but not all of it. I would survive the robot takeover.

I’m sure a robot could quite easily spend the day looking at DIS, Facebook, Twitter, etc and make the occasional stupid comment, yes.

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yeah I imagine this will be true at lots of companies - in order to implement AI they would need to replace all the old/ antiquated systems that they’ve been working around for years. The cost of doing this is ££££££££££££££££££££££££


my job is hastily constructing temporary curtains around disgraced robots, so that should be safe… FOR NOW

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Eventually. I’ve seen some of the stuff Sage are working on in their first trials and it can handle a lot of the stuff we have to do manually in the accounting dept right now.

@discobot Can you cover for me for the rest of the day?

:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

Hmm. Well I’ve got a weekly update meeting in an hour. If you were to step in for me, what would you say to my manager @discobot

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Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it. A robot could not do my job. Thanks
for nothing @discobot


Quelle surprise