Could do with some new slippers

had the same pair since 2006 and they’re pretty much ready for the bin. all toes are fully exposed to the elements.

something with a non furry lining, if possible. this shit makes my feet a) too hot and b) makes my feet stink

all sorts of answers welcome

Slippers from marks and Spencer’s used to be my go to Christmas present for my dad, as they’d wear out after a year. About 3 years ago I got him leather ones from Hotter, and they’re still perfect. Kings of slippers they are. So get those, if you want to throw away fifty quid on slippers.


was hoping to spend 40 quid less, to be totally honest

Camper Wabi? Might be able to get some on eBay or some shit for less than that. I’ve had mine for about 8 years I reckon and though a bit of the inside has worn they’re still perfectly fine.

yeah, these look nice. expensive, but taking into account they’ve lasted you 8 years, the daily cost would be about an eigth of a penny. cheers

quite like these

don’t do them in a 9 though. the fuck?

EDIT: I hadn’t owned a pair of slippers since my early teens. I’m wearing them right now!

Try Muji