Could go a caramelised onion hummus rn


what could YOU go?


flat white + donut, may even brave the cold to acquire these delights


i will if you will




Creme egg. Fortunately i have 6 in the biscuit barrel


Half a DIPA.


Sorely missed Sara Lee pecan danish


Had a sandwich and a pasty and some crisps for lunch so ngl pretty full rn


can’t decide whether to go see Lady Bird tonight (alone)


nice big glass of vin rouge


I’m full.


Vietnamese food, and I am!


Bread and butter, to go with my soup


do it


yeah agreed


butter on bread?! you’re sick!!


Let’s try to keep it realistic, please.


Could go pretty much anything with sugar in tbh, but if I am being picky then I would say a decent bar of dark chocolate. If anyone can deliver this to me it would be grand. Cookies also welcome.


Anything sweet to take my mind off this headache, but I’ve already been to the shop once today so obviously can’t go back, I’d look mental.


Ok toast and butter would also be an acceptable alternative