Could it BE any more Thursday

Enjoying Matthew Perry’s coke ravaged face here

Which Friend are you feeling like today?



Morning Scout. I feel like Ross. Completely unhinged.

Hey looks what’s out today:


I don’t like friends so will not be answering. They’re all awful as far as I have seen.

Got long long day with parents evening later on 6 hours sleep after waiting up for V until midnight and doing about 150 miles driving yesterday.


Half term soon? My week off starts tomorrow which is early but omg hurry up now

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Wednesday. Counting down now.

Today I feel like Phoebe because there’s a greater than 50% chance that I’m going to flake out of patent twat drinks tonight.

Early train to London. I’m in Manchester this weekend and had originally booked to go from Newcastle tomorrow afternoon, but then someone at work who has been super good to me for the last two years announced a sudden retirement and a leaving do for today, so I’ve had to tack this trip on first.

Staying in a prem inn above a supermarket tonight, the glamour of typing that sentence is just too much for me to even cope with

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Morning all. Feeling most like that angry fella that lives below them (and then dies) today. Very tired and grumpy. Day off though so who knows what might happen to cheer me up!

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Good morning Scout and everyone,

Was woken up at 6.20 and felt quite alert but didn’t need to get up yet. Fell asleep again and now I feel really sleepy :sleeping:
Also I was all snuggly wrapped up like a burrito. It’s now so cold just sticking one naked arm out of the duvet is awful :sob::scream:I need a Wallace and Gromit style dressing device to put my clothes on before I get out of bed.

Going to force myself OOB and go get on the bike

Cold and anxious

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Can’t really see his face there but it doesn’t look too bad, does it?

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He pops up a number of times in the Good Wife/Fight and he looks pretty much fine imho, better than in those seasons of friends where his pill addictions were running wild and he’s basically a skeleton.

I’m just meaning how crazed his eyes are and the proximity of the lines of coke on the phone next to him

He does, it’s just a joke given how excited he looks and the mad look in his eye…and the lines of coke he appears to be leaning over

Found this in the responses fwiw

Although as someone else says, if her phone is on the table, what is she taking the photo with eh eh

On a train to work that’s delayed for an hour but isn’t delaying me for an hour. Tempting to pretend that it has delayed me for an hour and getting my £2.60 delay repay back on my season ticket.

Picking up a hire car for the trip to Cornwall tomorrow. Bit of work and got the kids tonight.

Fucking sad cunts as if you wouldn’t milk any excuse to get to work later


I am watching this even though I don’t eat turkey

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Actually no I’m Gunther. Today and every other day.


Bloody hell, that’s so scary and horrible :pensive:

Wow that whole thing is utterly depressing

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