Could you be doing something more constructive from your desk?

Like… working on an application?

Or …setting up an etsy shop for the felt dogs you make at the weekend?

I just requested a PAC code.

A Porting Authorisation Code code, if you will.

apart from that

tell me more?

I remember this guy who used to write a novel at work on a tiny minimised ms word screen. Wonder how he’s doing.

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I don’t have a desk

Leaving the squalor of EE for the clear blue skies of 3 on a rolling monthly SIM only deal.


My colleague has stopped coming to lunch because he’s using the time to learn German.

Or he hates us.

ha ha - just googled him. he’s got at least two books published!!

great work [[REDACTED]]


Nothing against squalor obvs.


could be both?

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He could be learning how to call us all an absolute shower of bastards in German.

this is heartwarming

who is he?

Louis Tacceh

Would anyone like to know the origins of the term “hot-desking”? It’s very slightly more interesting than you think.

I really, really would


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Well I just ate a banana. It was very straight. Can’t remember if that makes it a UKIP banana or not.