Could you do me a huge favour...

…and drink a glass of water. It’s very important to me that you all stay hydrated. Thank you!


A very kind-spirited thread x


About ready for a top up as it goes

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Having a cola calippo. Does that count?

Please may I add some ginger cordial to mine?

You’re not the boss of me

Having one now with my lunch

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On the Yorkshire Water today.

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Had a glass earlier. Having a coffee now but will have more water after this, promise!

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water drinking GIF


Just having a coffee, you are not my mum

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I’m going to be the most hydrated person on DiS and it’s all thanks to you and this thread.

Thanks! Just had a bottle of water after a trip to ikea (which seems to have no ac :sob:) and filled said bottle of water halfway with some orange juice

Having a Coke zero

Water audit

  • H2WOAH
  • H2NO

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Can’t believe i’m gonna die of dehydration for a DiS bit but mans has a code


Got some blood orange flavoured sparkling water from M&S today. Levelling up my hydration.

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stay hydrated y’all

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