Could you get home barefooted?

I mean of course you could but how difficult would it be?

I have two 50m walks which would be relatively unchallenging and a 30 minute drive would be ok. 8/10

5 minute walk to my bike: doable but would be pretty gross

11km bike ride: difficult given the pedals but not impossible

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I’d rather go home barefoot. Love that barefoot tarmac feeling on my feet reminds me of the beach car park.

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15 min walk home


Similar, but with a 1 hour drive in the middle. Doable.

The gravel car park would be my undoing, I think.

5 minute walk to the station, 10 mins on the train and then a 2 mile walk from there. I could get on a bus but fuck a bus. It would be fine.


½ mile walk back to the car, half of that is in a park. Easy enough

I did some barefoot gravel walking last week. No fun, no fun at all. I remember it being ok as a kid though. Maybe it’s because you weigh less. That’s science.

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From work? Yeah POPM. Car park is behind the building.

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I like the challenge. Gotta be in the lookout for smooth bits and clumps of grass.

dirty needles and broken bottles in the park might present a challenge

I have walked home barefooted when I was a youngster. Drunkenly spent the rest of the night tweezing glass out of my foot.

If you copped a hot day like a couple of weeks ago it would be trouble, have to stick to the shadows. It would be very difficult for me.


Five minute walk home along some smooth footpaths and the green area beside my apartment. Only problem could be the road I cross but my soles are tough.

But I am home.

Means you have to do a circuit of the world!

Oh balls, better get started.

I used to have a thing about being barefoot as a teen, my mum of course said I was ridiculous so I used to take my shoes off at the end of the front garden.

Took a few days of glass, dog poo, fag ends etc. to realise the hippy grunge dream didn’t work in a town environment.

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Haha!! Oh deeear. I have seen people do this here! :confused: they were fully grown adults who had not learned the life lessons you learnt at an early age :smiley: