Could you go for an egg right now?

  • Ye
  • Nah mate

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What kind of egg?

  • Chicken
  • Nah mate

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egg and cress sandwich would do me right about now i reckon.


Nah mate


My boss once interviewed Mick Hucknall for a student magazine. He said “I just do what I want in the morning these days. If I want an egg, I’ll have an egg”. Thought that was a nice quote.


it’s alright, you don’t have to have one!


Hard not to read that quote in a Partridge voice




I’d have an egg, they’re ok. I mean my eggs to communism ratio is definitely more communism, but eggs are also an important part of my social life.


I won the egg and spoon race in primary school one year


Currently have 17 (seventeen) eggs in my fridge.


Chicken omelette:

  • Against nature
  • Yeah I’d have a bang on that

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Me too. My mum has a photo of me triumphantly crossing the line in first place - my thumb is clearly on top of the egg :sunglasses:


:open_mouth: Shocking behaviour


Had a couple of poachers for lunch yesterday

thinking about a cheese and mushroom omlette (with chips) for tea and I just ate my non egg based lunch, so no egg for me right now thanks


I hope you received the appropriate level of accolades?


1 (one) red rosette


it seems you did then.


Unless it’s a Creme Egg, I don’t eat 'em.


hold up, was it communist red?