Could you rewire a plug if you needed to?


Did you learn in school?
Do you know what the different coloured wires mean?
How about fuses?


Yes, in fact I have taught kids at school how to.

Brown = live. Goes to the terminal where the fuse is.

Blue= neutral. Goes to the other bottom terminal

Green/yellow= earth. Goes to top terminal.


Probably not. Flipped over to an old crystal maze yesterday and someone had to rewire a giant plug and they failed.


The colours don’t mean anything, you can wire it pretty much how you want.


of course.

remember that it is brown as it makes you poo yourself


We’re one of the few countries that even includes a fuse in plugs. Which is why ours are so huge in comparison. EU two prong plugs don’t even matter which is live and which is neutral.


Of course

Done it loads of times




Yep. Not much need now that appliances come with them though.


Really hate those two pin plugs for some reason



As blimeycharlie says, it’s not really necessary these days, but I do recall one Christmas I got a set of four plugs from my mum - red, blue, green, yellow - to stick on the ends of stuff like TV, radio, Commodore 64, fan-heater (something like that) so I was sure to know which device I was unplugging without needing to check. Yes people, in the early 80s things were simple.


Yeah, 3 pins rules.


Used to rewire plugs and check everything had the right fuse as a kid for fun. Got a tool box for my 6th or 7th birthday cos I was so into tampering with electrical stuff


my god

“mum look! santa’s been!”


BRown = bottom right
BLue = bottom left


Yeah, I’m trained to train other people how to do PAT testing. Most useless ‘qualification’ ever, only did it for my cv and nobody even gives a shit.


If I had access to a youtube video on how to rewire a plug if you needed to


So what does the T in PAT testing stand for? :wink:


We just finished our company wide PAT testing, such a tedious job.
That being said I don’t do it


Are you trained in calling companies and threatening to shop them in for having illegal untested appliances!!!