Could you spend a million pounds in a month and have nothing to show for it?


In a Brewsters Millions style scenario. What would you do?

You can only give 5% away
You can only gamble 5%
You can’t buy anything valuable and then destroy it


I’d buy a really expensive stamp then mail it.


Yeah, you could buy some really, reallly expensive bottles of wine in a fancy restaurant a few nights in a row.


Yeah reckon so


I’d file a load of patent applications that I knew couldn’t be granted.


Yeah I’d probably drink it too.

A million isn’t that much really is it.


I could do it in an evening. One big party. Hire a big venue, book an expensive band, buy shitloads of beer/food, hire people to serve it, invite fuckloads of people. Probably wouldn’t even stretch to that big a party tbh. Piece of piss.




Not sure it counts as spending, but you could go to jura and KLF it.




Probably call all my friends and start a super band.


Not a fan of wild parties, eh? How about I set up a penoid room just for you?

(Actually I’ll probably join you - most of the bands I like would do it for a couple of hundo and a crate of red stripe which is no good for this)


Invest in stealth technology like in Ghost in the Shell



I could also start a fad business and fail it within a month, like a monthly mail order Bee delivery. Or buy the rights to the Toys R Us spokesgiraffe and turn him in to a YouTube star.


Bake it into a pie and eat it.






Buy a load of Bitcoin


prob spend it all on Vbucks or whatever fake currency the kids are into.


The value spikes on the 29th of the month and is inexplicably worth £100mil. What do you do?!