Could you use one of these?

  • Yes, of course
  • Might take me a second, but sure
  • Maybe?
  • No, I don’t think so

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Prefer them to smartphones. Much warmer tone


Yes but I’d never call anyone because by the time the first 0 dial circled back I’d have lost patience

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Honestly don’t know, don’t ever recall ever having used one, vaguely recall seeing it on TV. Always used the button ones for landlines


actually have one but it’s been unplugged for about ten years since the only people that ever phoned me were PPI dickheads

The amount of times I nearly died flying down the stairs to get the phone only for it to be a ppi. Its why my family disconnected the landline too

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  • I have/had one of these myself
  • My parent(s)/guardian(s) have/had one of these in my lifetime
  • I have used one of these somewhere other than the family home
  • I have never used one of these

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See I think most of us Dissers are old enough to have encountered a rotary phone, but that would absolutely be my reaction if I’d never seen one before

My mum always made sure I had one of these in case I needed to call home


(28, I was etc.)

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My mate’s parents still had one when we were in sixth form (might still do, they were an odd family, they had a rotary phone but an incredibly expensive Japanese toilet with fancy spray and heating features).

Remember once when we were all round there drinking, another friend had to call home and our mobiles didn’t work (out in the sticks, no reception), so he went to use it. The guy who’s phone it was shouted “Oh it’s an old style phone, shout up if you don’t know how to use it”, then a minute later the lad came in holding a spatula to his ear saying “It doesn’t even have a dial tone!” Oh how we laughed.

28 years old I wa

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Assuming that you know how to use the phone, how many people’s phone numbers do you know? (999 doesn’t count)

  • I don’t know anyone’s phone number
  • Between 1-5
  • 6-10
  • More than 10

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I had to explain 1471 to one of our interns the other day. Might as well been explaining how to send a telegram.


Exactly five:

My own mobile
My parent’s number
The house number of three of my childhood friends

The last four of those are only different in the last four digits.

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You’ve just reminded me of 1471

Used to be a lot more, but I can still remember my gran’s phone number and the one for my best mate’s parents house, neither of which I’ve dialled for over 20 years.


  • I know what these numbers are
  • I used these numbers
  • Knew what they were but didn’t have the machine to use / cba
  • I’m 4 years old

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Do you remember 141 as well? That was the anti-1471 where, if you prefixed it onto the number you were dialling, the person receiving the call couldn’t 1471 you.

iirc there was also a number you could dial to make the phone ring, something ‘the telephone engineers’ used. It was great for times when your sister was sitting in your favourite chair and you wanted to get her to move

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I think I do…


If you had a fancy video player you could use those numbers and it would automatically record the programme? Except it would fuck up if the timeslots shifted slightly?


I still know two of my friends numbers, plus my partner’s and my granny’s.

My parents are divorced, so I got two for the price of one there, taking me up to 6.