countdown til hometime vs. banal


How am i gonna get thru 2 more hours of this shite :sob:

Plans 2nite?

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Double bill of weird theatre/comedy Fringe shows.

Filled up on FnC and big brownie for lunch, might try and just do a snack dinner.

Voluntary 8am train tomorrow ugh.

Want sleep real bad.

Fucking dying here. Can’t remember the last time I hit the Friday afternoon wall this hard.


Going for an outdoor swim, then pub meal. What a time to be alive.

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I am very tired. Two school nights of no dinner and too much beer :grimacing:

No beer tonight, then, and probably no pizza because I had an enormo-lunch.

WFH and have piss all to do

gonnae go out to my Local Indian :tm: and to get a few beers sooooon

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Last Friday?

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Anything fanceeeh

Nearly bought a guitar out of sheer boredom there. That’s pretty bad.


Ooft how much? Gotta see just how severe it was.

I can’t decide if cheap (something you dont want, but just for the sake of it) or expensive (will spend 1000s of pounds just to feel something) is worse.

That £180 jobber I linked in the Gear Wanker thread the other day.

Solid middle ground, acceptable as a survival technique

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This is absolutely fatal for me nowadays. Three day doom cloud stuff.

I nearly bought that fancy trem earlier just to avoid drafting an email

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The only thing that saved me is that I might want a £400 one more and I’d like to try that first.

I cannot stress this enough: I absolutely do not need another guitar.

Just went and threw some water on my face. Killed 2.5 mins.

*checks watch*


mentally I feel okay but I am absolutely shattered

got really fucking boring shit to do tonight as well


oh fuck I’m here until 5.30 today


gonna wander home through the beer mile, working in bermondsey’s got advantages