Countdown to Christmas 2020

Brought to you by John Lewis

Christmas pudding sales are up 75%

Really want to know who is buying Christmas puddings in July.


4 months today!

Covid is a nice excuse for me to sack off seeing extended family this year

yeah thats weird. Making your own… fair as you need to soak it n that but buying one… theres always loads :confused:

could go a mince pie to be honest


The best bit about Xmas is all the boozy pub meet ups after work with pals. Sad that won’t be the same this year

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Took my Christmas tree down the tip the other week, that’s how festive this year’s is going to be. (Also I asked the tip woman which bit I should put it in and she managed to steer the conversation to telling me she doesn’t believe in Covid without me saying a word, it was so wild)

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Christmas puddings are shit.

Just eaten the biggest main course of the year. You know what I fancy? The heaviest, stodgiest pudding going. FO, M.


Based on the last few years they’ll be in most supermarkets within two weeks.

I only count in sleeps

do you include naps in this…?

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This is why I like to have Bombay potatoes and Dal for Christmas dinner and a Yule log for afters

Sleeps equal to or over 150 minutes ONLY

Haven’t even started shopping yet. I’m such a last-minute person!

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Just remembered the guy in our London office who has the year-round countdown board, sad I won’t get to see that at all this year :frowning:

No office parties though so, every cloud.



in exactly 4 months time youll be…

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • drinking
  • watching TV
  • opening presents
  • arguing
  • sat in an empty room staring at a blank wall

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desperate attempt to boost sales & get ahead of the competition

The people buying Christmas puddings in July btw are the video directors of targeted Christmas #1 singles that are all written & recorded in June + the directors of TV Christmas ads of course

which reminds me that my TV once had to style a photoshoot for a Parisian shopping centre’s Halloween campaign, which they shot in March. Do you know how difficult it is to get a pumpkin in March?!

You know how MOTs got put back by 6 months? Well mine’s due on Christmas day now.

That’s all I’ve got to add.

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