Countdown to Christmas Hometime

Not long now.

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32 days left!

what days do you have booked off?

  • 16th Dec and before
  • 17th Dec
  • 18th Dec
  • 19th Dec
  • 20th Dec
  • 21st Dec
  • 22nd Dec
  • 23rd Dec
  • 24th Dec
  • 25th Dec
  • 26th Dec
  • 27th Dec
  • 28th Dec
  • 29th Dec
  • 30th Dec
  • 31st Dec
  • 1st Jan
  • 2nd Jan
  • 3rd Jan
  • 4th Jan
  • 5th Jan and after

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welcome, @meths

Check yr privilege. No holiday in December. Got Xmas day and boxing Day

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24 Dec - 1 Jan only inc. Then back at work for a week or so then off to Switzerland for a bit.

they’re in the poll :slight_smile:

6 weeks and 2 days

flying not driving though
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I’ve only got 8 days of work left. It’s like i’m living in the automated nowork future.

I just called the airport cause I couldn’t find any flights in december but it was user error.

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I’m Dec 7th to Jan 3rd. :call_me_hand:

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what are you gonna listen to on the plane?

WFH in between.


I need to make a new playlist. I made one to distract me last year cause I was scared of flying but I don’t think the songs relax me anymore and I don’t think the planes scare me as much.


Not booked off though.

Off from the 5th to the 16th, in for the quietest week of the year then out from the 22nd to the 31st. Working 9 days out of 31 in December.

Have you booked off any days over xmas?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No but I get xmas day and boxing day off anyway so i’m not counting those as “booked” days off.

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No, but have kind of mandatory* leave for Christmas week anyway.

*it’s not actually mandatory, but no one comes in and no wants to. No need to book it officially.

I refuse to take part in this sham ‘poll’ :unamused:

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