Countdown to christmas hometime

2 days and (?) minutes

Hey @meths

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Hi @meths

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:wave: @meths

22.5 hours (although at that time I will be leaving my home) @meths


Not back at work til about 14th jan at this rate

It’d be nice if @meths came back every now and then eh

41 hrs 56 mins :persevere:

@eems ; @sebastiansmee: can you make sure @meths sees this please? Thanks

2 days, 36 minutes

Can you make sure @meths smees this please?

16 hours including lunch breaks.

I’m not sure if it is necessary as I feel meths inside me every single day.

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the very same


I think we all do, Lonzy. I think we all do.

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how many lunches have you got between now and 7am?

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I’ve really mathsed this up bad.

49hrs 4 minutes

Pretend this says lunch



oh god i’ve just remembered i’m at work on new years eve


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cat looks a bit like captain mainwaring