countdown to hometime, snacks, banal, catch all thread

56 minutes.

going to the pub after work.

got a peanut butter kit-kat chunky and a pack of fruitella.

what say ye!?

Furious that there’s nothing to eat in the office kitchen. The fact that I never bring anything isn’t relevant. Shut up.

I’m in that zone where whatever I eat I’m still hungry but I’m scared if I have anything else I’ll ruin dinner. (3 bags of crisps and a tunnocks teacake so far)

Had a jam doughnut after lunch so no afternoon snack for me. Could really go for a nice yoghurt right now though (only have tiny strawberry fromage frais things in the fridge, not what I’m after).

a silverfish crawled across my desk.
I have some walkers peking spare rib crackers. I am incredibly bored

Wish I had snacks to eat, was planning on going for a nice coffee/cake combo at lunch but had to go get my number plate fixed instead :rage: Gonna leave early today and go eat a pizza.


so bored

two hours nineteen minutes

pub at 7pm

did you say you have a £400 bar tab to use? How many people?

1 hour and 8 minutes to go.

No snacks cos I had a salted cazzer profroles treat yo’self additional lunch item.

booked for ten, £40 each, perf

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4:20 blazeit


What snacks would you like to magically appear on your desk right now?

  • pistachios
  • wedge of Victoria sponge


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A pack of giant strawbs would be most welcome

can of coke

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phwoar yes

what crisps you @ing

In an unprecedented scenario, Ive got no snacks to hand

might go greggs

White magnum
Another white magnum