Countdown to the weekend

1 hour 54 minutes.


-15 minutes

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1 hour 50 minutes

3 hours :skull:

50 mins

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Already home, but 1 hour 49 min till I can legitimately stop checking my email.

i’ve decided to leave work sharp today so i’m gonna finish up at 4.

Friday bangerz time

edit: not a banger but nevertheless applicable

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I’m going to have an ice cream/lolly this evening. Which is the best one I can get from a Sainsbury’s/Tesco?

more bangerz pls

GF has finished her exams, my weekend has started!

I will be very sad if I don’t see a picture of a pristine pint of beamish over the next 2 days.


Expect one on Sunday afternoon!

Keep getting mad anxiety as soon as I finish work on a Friday
Maybe I’m just too excited

Which burger are you having?

I’m still not sure which I prefer: a Whopper or a Big Mac.