Counties* you've rarely been to

The Folkestone chat made me think I’ve rarely been to Kent. Been to somewhere near Royal Tunbridge Wells to pick up a guitar; also been there for a work visit about 20 years ago. That’s it.


  • Somerset - went on a scout camp near Yeovil when I was about 11. Driven through it loads. Rarely been.
  • West Sussex - think I went with a church youth group to see Christian rockers Delirious? play on a beach somewhere around there. Rarely been.

It’s probably “most counties” but hey.

* my examples are England-centric but happy for you to talk about your own nation - and talk about states/regions within your own country if you don’t have counties where you are.

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Trying to think now if there’s a county I’ve never been in. Possibly Cumbria. Maybe even Lancashire proper?

Most of them tbf.


I don’t think I’ve ever been to Northumberland or Durham. Maybe through them on the East Coast mainline?

Don’t think I’ve ever been to Cornwall

Must have at least passed through most of not all the others on a train or car journey at some point

Maybe I’ve never been to Lincolnshire

Don’t think I’ve ever been to Essex and maybe some counties to the north and west of the M25. Undoubtedly have driven/trained through them all though.

Thought I hadn’t been to Shropshire but I think Ironbridge is there so turns out I have.

Been to all the other English ones. Definitely not all Welsh and Scottish ones. None of the NI ones.

I haven’t been to most counties tbh, unless we count passing through on a train but i personally do not count that at all unless there is a change like with plane transits. I am very interested in visiting cornwall though and hope that i cba this year as it’s a bit far

The ones in central Wales
The ones in northern Scotland



Don’t really see the point of English counties. England to me is a country of boroughs and councils, not counties

Considering I have family there I haven’t been to Kerry that much compared to other family-infested counties like Mayo and Cork.

Never been to Cornwall or East Sussex.

Only been through Essex on the train or in the car and have never stopped there, same with Durham. Only been to West Sussex to use their airport. Only been to Cumbria and Northumberland once.

Been to all the others more than that although I guess it’s still ‘rare’ that I go to most of em.

Those are the best ones tho!

Isle of Wight.

Oh yeah, never been there either. Always assume its part of Hampshire.

Haha, you English and your counties. Fucking don’t understand them at all.

Don’t you have Invernessshire and all that jazz? Or dir we impose that on you?

It hasn’t been part of Hampshire since 1890!!!

I’d probably know that if I’d ever been there and visited their museum

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We have shires, aye, but no cunt pays any attention to them as they’ve been completely separated from sherrifdoms and the local council areas.

Bring back Strathclyde Regional Council I say.

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