Counting Crows - let's poll and discuss their first two albums

Perfect blue buildings was on every mix tape teenage me ever made. What a song.

I think the thing that puts me off isn’t the earnestness or anything like that, it’s the use of the word “sophmore” itt, :nauseated_face: :wink:

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What’s wrong with that?

Nothing at all if you’re American, but I personally find it teeth grinding when UK writers use it in their reviews. We don’t have freshmen and sophmores over here, or valedictorians, just sounds really jarring to me personally but I accept that’s my problem not anyone else’s.


Oh fair enough. Very normal nomenclature here yah.

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Why isn’t the third record ever referred to as the junior album?

Cos that word has other connotations. Same with senior.

The first two albums are fantastic. I used to think ‘August & Everything After’ was the better record, however, i have recently been coming round to the fact that ‘Recovering The Satellites’ might be better. The production is better and the songwriting is a bit more ambitious than on the first album. The first album is great though and i think it has always been mis-represented by ‘Mr Jones’, which i can’t listen to anymore due to over-familiarity and i think the album works better without it. Favourite song on the first album is probably ‘Sullivan Street’ and on the second album i like ‘Catapult’, ‘Monkey’ and the title track a lot. I pretty much checked out with ‘This Desert Life’, which i never got into, although, i love ‘Mrs Potter’s Lullaby’ (might be my favourite song of theirs).