Country music thread for cowpokes

I’ve been really enjoying listening to the first three Gillian Welch albums for the first time recently, especially Hell Among the Yearlings. The second and third albums lean a bit more towards alt-country and draw quite widely from folk, Americana, and bluegrass, but I think they are all more than country enough for this thread :slight_smile:

I mean this is basically a perfect song

And these aren’t far off either

CW: this last track contains reference to sexual violence in the lyrics


Yeah I love these records.


revelator is so good

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Have to thank my father-in-law for introducing me to this one, one of the finest offerings of Texas Country from 1972. Don’t think it was ever a commercial success in its own right, but a number of its tracks did find major or minor success as covers by more famous artists like Jimmy Buffet, Captain & Tennille, and America. Anyway, it’s brilliant, and compositionally it’s probably one of the most interesting country albums I’ve heard.

Also features a really brilliant tribute to Woodie Guthrie

Huge fan of this too :smiley:

Owing to conflict with his label, Ramsey left Shelter at the end of his contract. As a result, Ramsey’s fans have been waiting half a century for the release of his “mythical second album”. When asked where the new album is, he often responds, “What’s wrong with the first one?”


Definitely checking this out!

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This is great. Going to add this the Family’s camping/gatherings playlist. Should be a good fit.


Glad you enjoyed it (and hope that your family does too)!

Gonna listen to this on the way to work next week. It’ll make those 430 am starts a little less awful :relaxed:

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KEXP has swingin doors every Thursday evening. It’s always available to stream in the archive part of the app.

I really like the roadhouse show on Wednesday too. KEXP is easily the best radio station I’ve ever listened too.

Hope it works! :crossed_fingers:

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If you’ve never heard Iris then you’re missing out. Yes her voice is marmite to some, but I’ve been at various gigs down the years watching grown men (and women) cry at her beautiful songs.

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Agree! Fallen pretty hard for it over the last year or so. Looking forward to the weekly 50 Years of Hip-Hop thing that’s happening this year. The Native Tongues day was the best themed radio days ever! IMHO

Never listen to or even heard of Swinging Doors though. I guess it’s on a wee bit too late for my Eastern Standard Time butt. Will fix this.


The studio has a really nice cafe space next to it. I went on an excruciatingly bad date there recently :joy:

There really isn’t a show I don’t like. Even if it’s a genre I’m not really into it’s always somehow interesting.


Not even sure you can get SiriusXM in the non-American world and I think you need a subscription but…

a guest station has started called… Y’allternative

You’ve guessed right it’s a Alt-Country station

From what I’ve heard it’s pretty decent. No DJ’s which is a good thing. SMX have such shitty DJs.

To give you a flavor of what’s being played: Colton Wall, Brandi Carlile, Neil Young, Orville Peck, The Avett Brothers, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, Tyler Childers, Kurt Vile, War on Drugs, Big Thief, Margo Price and a chunk of young twangy types I never heard of.


Woah, that sounds amazing!!! I’ll definitely give that a go

…been loving this all week.

Probably heard more Wilco this week than ever before.

best discovery/going dig more into is Ian Noe

The only downside is the few Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown tracks. Not too surprised by this as SiriusXm’s 1st Wave love a bit of Morrissey.

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