County Donegal niche travel advice thread

Quite a few Irish DiSers on here so I wondered what are the must-sees in County Donegal. I realise it’s massive like and I’m only there for 3 days or so but worth an ask. We’ll be staying north in Ramelton. Any reccos greatly appreciated!

Ramelton is lovely. Go for a pint in The Bridge bar. Drink some Kinnegar.

Letterkenny’s not too far away so could be worth checking if there are any decent gigs on in the RCC

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Thanks man, I was hoping you would reply, I think we talked about this a couple of years ago.

My wife’s family have finally arranged a time to go scatter my mother-in-law’s ashes so it won’t be a full-on holiday type of thing but we’ll have a day and a half where we’re not seeing family to do a bit of travelling and spend time in Ramelton. It looks like a lovely place.

Take the train to Sligo

Yeah it’s a small town so there’s not a huge amount there but it’s in beautiful surroundings. I haven’t been out in a while.

Donegal coast is always nice (albeit freezing) but I’m more familiar with the coastal towns in the south of the county than those in the north, despite living nearer the north

Could take a daytrip to Derry if you find yourselves at a loss, it’s a nice little city

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Thanks man, this is really helpful. Coast sounds like a good idea for a bit of respite and we’re over at the end of May so hopefully the weather will be reasonable.

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I forgot Ramelton is already beside a big inlet of water but for proper Atlantic coast I hear Downings / Dunfanaghy areas are quite nice, about half an hour drive

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There is a village just over the border from Northern Ireland called Muff which has lots of things that say Muff, including Muff Barbers and a plaque to someone declaring her ‘the heart of Muff’. Strongly recommend.




:grinning: very on brand reccos.

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She’s left out the best part.


Only ever been to Gaoth Dobhair, it’s very pretty

This looks stunning as well.

edit: bloody love their google maps :slight_smile:
and just beside MUFF it appears!

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We are a witty people.


The land of Saints and Scholars indeed.