Couple of sitcoms you won't have thought about for a while that weren't on that long ago

Home Time

Never heard of either


can confidently say i have in fact, never thought about either of those


How about that one that was in a hardware shop?

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four candles ?

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The one where they shout ‘stuuuuuudent’?

No thanks, I’ve just eaten


Was it Frank Skinner?

Terrible title for a sitcom.

Balonz can you settle an argument between me and a mate from the other night please? Ballykissangel came up in conversation. He said it was a sitcom. I said it was absolutely not a sitcom. I’m correct, right?

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Tim from the Office

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Obviously not a sitcom. Shite drama.

Never seen it, I’m afraid but gut feeling is that it is 100% not a sitcom in the way that Lovejoy is not.

I feel like Martin Freeman was in it?

Hebburn had Vic Reeves in it.

You watched that Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse going fishing thing yet?

Yeah my problem was that I’d only seen about 10 minutes cumulative of it and I conceded there were jokes in it, but that it still wasn’t a sitcom.

Lovejoy would’ve steered me home had I thought of it at the time, cheers.

He was. And Peter serafinowicz