Courting our bathroom ants



Having sung it wrong so many times to amuse my daughter (and myself, and to the great annoyance of my wife) I can no longer hear Bad Romance as being about anything else than Lady Gaga and a friend’s relationship with some giant ants who live in their bathroom. At times they are courting their bathroom ants, and more joyfully she later exclaims that they ‘can ride our bathroom ants’.

Everyone loves a misheard lyrics thread (or not). What are you getting wrong?


On an Ed Sheeran tip: purely to annoy my better half, I’ve taken to singing “take me into your lovin’ arms” on “Thinking Out Loud” as “take me into your eleven arms”, and then miming a tryst with some sort of mutant octopus.


This is good!


Again mainly to annoy the wife I sing “I watch every young apprentice” in place of “I want every other freckle” in Alt-J’s every other freckle, genuinely thought that was the actual lyric (and better IMHO)


Shamu the mysterious whale.


Today’s Cotton Eye Joe-themed post:

I had no idea that the words to the chorus were: “if it hadn’t been for Cotton Eye Joe…” I just thought it went “Bee-dah-dah-doo-dah Cotton Eye Joe”. Makes a lot more sense as a song, now.


I used to think it was come down and swing with cotton eye joe, which make no sense st all.


Always thought at the beginning of Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule’s I’m Real, Ja Rule says

What’s my motherfucking name?”

and J-lo replies “Are you Ellie?”

It’s just clocked that the lyric is actually “R-U-L-E” which makes a lot, lot more sense.


In the kitchen doing kitchen tasks as Lithium by Nirvana plays on 6 Music, quietly waiting for The Line…

“I’M SO HORNY, BUT ITS OK: MY WILLY’S GOOD!” violent repetitive air thrusting

= disgusted looks on the faces of two housemates


Very nice, excellent work!