Courtney Barnett


Very pretenders

I find her solo stuff pretty ordinary, but I was surprised how much I liked some of her collaboration with Kurt Vile. Their voices go together in a Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood kind of way.

i was the opposite, enjoy her solo stuff a lot generally but that album didn’t grab me in the same way.


Yeah this^

Her wife Jen Cloher is better (sorry Courtney). The pair of them at Rough Trade East on Tuesday.


She’s the shit. That new one is a banger.


Absolutely. The best things about Courtney are her wit, her wordplay and her verve. Kurt Vile just muffled all of that in a fug of dope smoke.


She is top. But i still think Sea of Split Peas is gonna take some beating

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the first half of that (which i think is the second EP?) is her finest moment definitely

Not sure who is better, but both are fucking great


Agreed that Sea Lice felt more like a KV album but I still think there’s plenty of humour to be found from both musicians on that record.

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If this means I get to see her live again then I am all for it. Barely like her records, fucking love her live.

new song is pretty great! looking forward to the new album

was just thinking those backing vocals are a bit Kim Deal, and sure enough they are Kim Deal!

I liked the Sea Lice album, but I think it was a bit too downbeat like KV gets - like hearing Courtney get back to the pop/rock type thing

UK gigs in May/June:

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Barrowlands oooffft

Really hope this means she can do a surprise set at Primavera in between Utrecht and Glasgow… but that does seem like quite a lot of shows

That barras gig will be great, love the new song

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Wish I could go to that Minneapolis show with Big Thief and Julien Baker

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I quite like that. I’m getting hints of Madness alongside the usual Nevermind influences. Saw her live a few years ago as part of a Dot to Dot and had a lovely time.

Was hoping the Leeds date would be at the Brudenell but it’s at the O2 Academy which is both surprising and disappointing.

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