Cousin Explainer

There needs to be a website that explains what cousins are


Like; third cousin twice removed - what does it mean?



I’m afraid I don’t get the reference

I reckon you could get a bit of traction with an app like that

Daniel Michel Cousin is a Gabonese retired footballer who played as a striker. Now, he is the manager of Gabon National team. He played for Martigues, Chamois Niortais, Le Mans Union Club 72, RC Lens, Rangers, Hull City, Larissa and Sapins, as well as the Gabon national team.



Think Grunkle or Grauntie should be used instead of Grand Unkle, Grand Auntie


This one’s nice:

Look at this!


I hate my cousin so much. It’s one of the top topics I talk about with my family

We do this with R’s Graunties and Grunkles, makes things so much easier.


This is the one who’s husband broke both showers in the house.

consanguinity is it

You’re a common progenitor

I think not understanding how this fucking shite works is a gap in my knowledge that I’ve accepted over the years and I wouldn’t give a shit if describing cousins as “once removed” or some such shite dies out.

we always get cousins coming over to stay cause my mum lives in a mild climate close to the seaside.
He came down and broke the shower. No idea how he did it (he tried fixing it and did it all wrong so now the heat dial is backwards)
Then he went and used the other shower and broke that. I think he was pulling things too hard I’ve no idea how someone breaks two showers in the space of a few days.

It’s ok now though cause my mom betrayed them by going to her nephew’s wedding instead of shower breakers wedding.


^This. And very much a gap I have no intention of filling. Too much effort for too little reward

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