Cover Art that contains other cover art

Listening to Ummagumma for the first time, which as suspected, is unlistenable hippy nonsense. However, I am interested that the cover art includes the cover art of another album - the soundtrack to Gigi. After racking my brains, I couldn’t think of another example of cover art that includes the covers of other albums, until my friend mentioned Dylan’s Bringing it All Back Home, which features album covers by both Eric Von Schmidt, and Lotte Lenya.

Hive mind?

Obvious one



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(Featuring this)


The rear cover of Marillion’s Script For A Jester’s Tear has Pink Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets and a couple of others that I can’t remember and can’t discern from this picture (can’t really zoom in to full screen here at work)

that was meant to be a reply to the thread not bornin69’s post!

All interesting shouts, but only bornin69’s suggestion of the Donald Fagen album is really in the spirit of the thread. The others are cool though.


There’s also a copy of Another Side of Bob Dylan in the fireplace


Always loved this one:

Now You See Me Now You Dont Cliff Richard album cover.jpg

On the front cover, propped up against the chair is a picture of the back cover. The back cover, as you can see, has a picture of the front cover resting against the chair.

That reminds me:


Do homages count?!

Although from both, I forgot what original albums they made a mashup from.