COVID 19 Vaccine thread.

Thread for vaccine discussion.

Personally I’m in favour of it

  • I’ve had the vaccine
  • I’m having the vaccine soon
  • I’m never having the vaccine
  • I’m thinking about having it

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I’m going to have it when it is offered to me


Only put thinking rather than soon cause isnt it determined by doctors who gets it and its in order of priority?

How soon is soon?


I’m never not thinking about getting it


Can’t wait, personally


I’ve had it (frontline NHS, high exposure). It was ok day 1, day 2 I brought up a lot of phlegm but had no symptoms and did not feel in any way ill.

I was surprised and a little confused that jab 2 is now delayed, but all in all I’m glad I’ve had the first shot and think it can only help.


Haven’t given it any super-serious thought. I’m not really in an “at risk” group but I do live with two people who are. If it prevented people from passing it on, I’d maybe be more inclined to get it.

Looks increasingly like it’s going to become mandatory to have a vaccine to travel/go to certain events and so on. Not entirely comfortable with that, but if needs be I’ll take the jab.

It’s bonkers. I’m a frontline NHS worker. I work at an Ambulation station with 160 staff. Until Sunday only 3 people I knew had had the vaccine in my workplace. 2 people from minority ethnic groups and one over 60 yr old. On Sunday 4 more had it because a slot became available for people who were not in work for 48 hours because they stated we had to take 48 hours off after the injection. My wife on the other hand works at a massive hospital where everyone has had it. From cleaners to secretaries to consultant level and higher. Whether patient facing or not they’ve had it. My ambulance trust on the other hand seem to be slow and not very proactive.

I had applied to be one of the vaccinators and have been emailed back by nhs saying they were looking for people with at least a modicum of healthcare experience. Suit yourself lads but I will jab all day long given half the chance


Did you put your name as Billy Jizz on the application?!


William Jizz, yes


Someone please start a band called…


Going to have mine in the arm, I think, when the time comes. Up near the top.


Can’t understand why they didn’t employ you?? :thinking:

Will get if offered, no idea how far down the list of priority vaccination will go… 30yo with disability and a nice list of chronic conditions, but none that put me particularly at risk. Happy to take my place at the back of the queue and not actually expecting I’ll get reached tbh

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When you have the jab…
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm

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Wife gets hers Thursday, big relief as she works on the front line so we’ve seen nobody socially since spring because of fears of us passing something on from her work.